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Hurtin Feelings- (verb)- A Fuckin lifestyle; the act of crushing every aspect of your life mentally, physically, and creatively. Hurtin Feelings is not a gripe on emotional relationships, it is an understanding that in regards to relationships, family, and friends, we are constantly confronted with tough decisions that NEED to be made. The toughest decisions are the necessary ones that seperate our dreams from some of our closest peers. Hurtin feelings is about the aknowledgement of this progression, and moving forward with sometimes "Selfish" decisions that help you make your own dreams come true. Change is inevitible, and feelings will always be HURT. The difference, are the chosen few who realize dreams don't become reality without a few hurt feelings a long the way. We weren't constructed for the 9-5 grinders, we represent the dreamers who hold dear to everything that is CREATIVE. We will be taking on submissions for people who believe in this brand and will make an on going wall for real supporters from day one. This is the Hurtin Feelings Collective's (HFC) official inspiration blog. I post tons of men's looks, sprinkled in with some art, photography, and all the hurt feelings in between. Our line emphasizes simplistic designs with strong execution of color and patterns. If you have any questions about the up and coming line, have submissions, or think that your blog is similar, then holla.
Add HURTINFEELINGS to your dash so I know it’s REAL!

Add HURTINFEELINGS to your dash so I know it’s REAL!

Posted: Mon November 26th, 2012 at 8:21pm
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